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Most Australians want and expect to have children.

But many are not aware of the range of modifiable lifestyle factors that affect male and female fertility.

As a health or education professional, you can help by sharing evidence-based information on optimising fertility and pre-conception health.

View our resources to help you start conversations with your clients and patients about fertility, pregnancy and having a healthy baby.


Your Fertility is brought to you by the Fertility Coalition: Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, Healthy MalePublic Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and The Robinson Research Institute.

Education resources and professional development opportunities

Jean Hailes: Preconception care in general practice

In this Jean Hailes webinar, Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses preconception care, why it is so important, when it is needed and how to best provide it. Jean Hailes education activities can be used to fulfill the CPD requirements of many registered health professions. The RACGP activity ID number for this webinar is 493810. It is accredited with RACGP for 0.5 hours of Educational Activity (EA).

Jean Hailes Active Learning Module (ALM)

The Jean Hailes ALM on fertility, infertility and preconception care was developed in collaboration with VARTA. The 6 hour module aims to improve health professionals’ knowledge and understanding of fertility, infertility and preconception care (PCC). The module provides an overview of the causes of infertility, optimisation of natural fertility and recognition of indicators for specialist referral.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Teaching Module

These units of work focusing on fertility, donor conception and assisted reproductive treatment (ART) were developed by Sexual Health Victoria in consultation with the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) and Your Fertility. Revised in 2022, they are best taught as a part of a comprehensive sexuality education program for year levels three to ten.

Podcast: GP education - Exploring male fertility

Julia Medew, on behalf of the team at Your Fertility discusses male fertility with Professor Rob McLachlan, a world leading male fertility specialist based in Melbourne. Rob is a practising andrologist and the medical director of Healthy Male.

APNA: Preconception Health Promotion in Primary Care online module

This online learning module has been designed with the aim to improve the capacity of nurses, maternal and child health nurses and midwives working in primary health care settings. It provides concise and practical information to promote preconception health in their practice. 

Planting the seed - Asking your patients about their pregnancy plans

"Do you want to become pregnant in the next year?" This simple question will help Australians of reproductive age get preconception health advice at the right time. These tools can help you discuss preconception health with your patients.  


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Fact sheets for health professionals

View and download our range of fact sheets for health professionals.

These fertility fact sheets were developed by the Fertility Coalition in association with the Fertility Society of Australia’s Pre-conception Health Special Interest Group.

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Fact sheets for your patients

View and download our great range of resources to give to your patients.

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Resource order form

If you'd like to order hard copies, download our Your Fertility resource order form.

Useful links

Videos from fertility experts

GP webinar: Addressing fertility and preconception health with patients

This webinar for GPs is presented by Healthy Male (formerly Andrology Australia) and Your Fertility. It addresses the current evidence on factors affecting male and female fertility, strategies for addressing preconception health with patients and resources for clinical practice.

‘Talking about fertility’ with Dr. Magdalena Simonis

General Practitioner, Magdalena Simonis from the National Standing Committee Quality Care at RACGP highlights ways to discuss behaviour change for young men and women to achieve a healthy weight and the importance of Body Mass Index (BMI) in relation to optimising patient fertility.

‘Talking about fertility’ with fertility specialist A/Prof Kate Stern

Associate Professor Kate Stern (MBBS FRANZCOG MMed CREI) is a fertility specialist at the Royal Women's Hospital and the Clinical Director at Melbourne IVF. Kate joins us to discuss lifestyle factors that affect fertility and reproductive health outcomes, including lifestyle, physical activity

‘Talking about fertility’ with Practice Nurse, Samantha Read

Practice nurse Samantha Read, specialises in sexual and reproductive health, highlights the importance of starting conversations about weight and fertility early and discussing related issues openly with patients.

How to know you are ovulating - for health professionals

Kerry Hampton, a registered nurse and fertility specialist, speaks to health professionals about the importance of fertility awareness and the roles GPs and practice nurses can play in improving knowledge of timing of intercourse in women of reproductive age

Webinar: Optimising patient fertility

Dr Magdalena Simonis and Associate Professor Kate Stern explore the crucial role general practitioners (GPs) play in educating patients about fertility. This webinar discusses fertility issues and preconception planning, with a focus on practical scenarios and case studies.

Optimising patient fertility

Professor Rob McLachlan, from Healthy Male, fertility expert Dr Kate Stern from Melbourne IVF and The Royal Women's Hospital and Professor Stephen Trumble from the Medical Education Unit, University of Melbourne, discuss the role health professionals can play in making patients aware of fertility issues and promoting pre-conception planning.