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Woman standing the edge of a cliff

Women are often told their fertility ‘falls off a cliff’ at 35, but is that right?

It’s a fact women’s fertility declines as they age. But the common description of fertility decline after age 35 as a “cliff” is more anxiety-provoking than factual. If you want children, it’s important to understand the biology of fertility. 

Doctor's hands holding a model of sperm over a desk

Problems conceiving are not just about women. Male infertility is behind 1 in 3 IVF cycles

For the first time, IVF clinics in Australia and New Zealand have reported data about the scale and range of male fertility problems in couples who have IVF. New data revealed about one-third of all IVF cycles performed in 2020 included a diagnosis of male infertility.

Seeds travelling towards a nectarine like sperm travelling to an egg

Sex, drugs and fatherhood – what scientists want you to know about sperm health

Dr Nicole McPherson is a reproductive health expert who studies sperm. We asked her to give us the low down on what everybody should know about sperm health.   

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Fertility Week Campaigns

Fertility Week is a national public education campaign to help people improve their chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby. Fertility Week promotes conversations and awareness about factors that affect fertility.

Fertility Week 2022: Healthy sperm, healthy baby

During Fertility Week (10 – 16 October), we’re focusing on what men and gender-diverse people can do to protect their fertility and improve it if they want to become a parent one day. Read more here

Fertility Week 2021: Sometimes having a baby isn't easy

During Fertility Week (6 - 12 December), we're telling eight personal stories that highlight some of the challenges people face in their quest for a baby. Read more here

Fertility Week 2020: Age and fertility – know the facts

During Fertility Week (12 - 18 October), we're talking about the impact of age on fertility to empower people to discuss their plans for a baby if they want one. Read more here