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Fertility Week 2021: Sometimes having a baby isn't easy

During Fertility Week (6 - 12 December), we're telling eight personal stories that highlight some of the challenges people face in their quest for a baby. So, if you want a child in future, learn more about ways to protect your fertility and improve your chance of a child in the future. 

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Half of women over 35 who want a child don’t end up having one, or have fewer than they planned

At age 35, one in four Australian women and one in three men were hoping to have a child or more children in the future. But by age 49, about half report they haven’t yet had the number of children they hoped for.


Why you should ask your patients about their pregnancy plans

Do you want to help your patients avoid an unplanned pregnancy and conceive a healthy baby when the time is right for them? Your Fertility, a government funded program, can help you deliver this potentially life changing intervention quickly and efficiently. 

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