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Fertility Factors:

When you have diabetes, planning and preparing for pregnancy before you start trying for a baby is really important. It is recommended that men and women with diabetes visit your doctor, to review your diabetes and your general health, at least three to six months before you start trying for a baby.

Women with diabetes can have a healthy baby, yet there are a number of associated extra risks. Before you become pregnant, it's best that your diabetes is well managed and there are no other health problems, to reduce your risks of problems related to diabetes. 


Visit the NDSS Pregnancy & Diabetes website for a set of resources to help you manage your diabetes and ensure you give your child the best start to life.

1. Having a healthy baby booklet - type 1 diabetes

2. Having a healthy baby booklet - type 2 diabetes

3. Gestational diabetes e-booklet

For information about how diabetes can affect a man's reproductive health visit Andrology Australia.

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