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There is an old saying that we are what we eat. And this has some truth as every cell in our body is made from what we eat and drink and will function more or less well depending on what and how much we eat.

A new study shows that what women eat also affects their fertility. More than 5000 pregnant women provided information about their diet, how long it had taken to fall pregnant, and whether they had used infertility treatment such as IVF. The researchers found that eating less fruit and eating more fast food both increased the time it took to fall pregnant and the risk of infertility and needing IVF.

So, compared to women who had fruit three or more times per day, those who only ate fruit 1-6 times per week took 11% longer to fall pregnant and had an 18% increased risk of infertility. As for fast food, women who had fast food four or more times per week took 21% longer to fall pregnant and had a 34% increased risk of infertility than women who only had fast food once per week.

This is food for thought if you want a baby. Increasing fruit intake and decreasing the amount of fast food will help you get there faster and all your cells in the body will be happier too!

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