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8 March 2016


For contemporary high-income societies like Australia, weight is one of the main factors likely to affect a woman’s ability to conceive or have a healthy pregnancy – it can also impacts on a child’s health from birth into adulthood.

On average, women who are overweight can take up to a year longer to get pregnant than women who are of a healthy weight. Fortunately, changing habits to improve diet and other lifestyle factors like exercise can have a positive impact on a woman’s fertility and pregnancy healthy and on the health of her future children.

Recognising that in Australia there are a number of social and cultural factors that can discourage young women from being physically active and involved in sports, the Australian Government Department of Health has launched its ‘Girls Make a Move’ campaign to encourage girls and women to increase their levels of exercise and physical activity.

The ‘Girls make your move’ campaign was inspired by the successful UK initiative ‘This Girl Can’ which has so far encouraged nearly three million women to be more active. The Australian campaign will be using a range of campaign materials to engage with young women, including television, social media, print, out-of-home and digital.


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