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Fertility Factors:

It has long been known that for women being as healthy as possible gives them the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby at birth.

In the past two decades, research has shown that men's and women's health, even before conception, has a big influence on the health of the child at birth and throughout its lifetime.

Factors including poor nutrition, being very overweight, smoking, exposure to some chemicals, and using drugs and alcohol at the time of conception can affect the child's long term health.

These factors can affect the genes in the woman's eggs and man's sperm as they grow and mature. This can then affect the developing baby, and can ultimately affect the child's health across its lifetime.

Fertility Week reminds men and women to get healthy now for their baby's future. Being as healthy as possible before conception, avoiding risks like smoking, alcohol, drugs and chemicals, not only improves their chance of pregnancy, but is important for the future health of their child.

Find out how men and women can get healthier before trying for a baby.

Your future baby will thank you.

Get healthy now for your baby's future.

Expert advice for men and women

Professor Sarah Robertson, from Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide, explains how men and women's health, before conceiving, can affect the chance of pregnancy and the health of the baby.

Men, sperm and healthy babies

Professor Rob McLachlan from Andrology Australia explains what men can do keep their sperm healthy.

Healthy sperm

Image of a sperm animation


Men - look after your sperm and give your future baby the best start to life. Download Andrology Australia's Pre-conception health for dads resource.

What can improve your chance of having a healthy baby?

Healthy Conception Tool

Try the interactive Healthy Conception Tool 

Individuals and couples can consider everyday factors that can increase the chances of becoming pregnant, and having a healthy baby.

Renee's story - Healthy choices for healthy babies

Renee describes the healthy changes she and her husband Andrew made to increase their chance of pregnancy and give their daughters the best start to life.

How to improve your chance of pregnancy and having a healthy baby

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Fertility fact sheets

What can improve your chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby? It helps to know the facts.

Resources for health professionals

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